Online Services

You can now order repeat medications, book appointments and view your medical records online via Patient Access.

If you have already signed up for this service and created an account please click here to login.

Applying for Online Access
Patients aged 16 and over

To book appointments online, order repeat medications and change your contact information, you will need to complete the Basic Access Consent Form for Basic Online Access.

You will need to come to the surgery with two forms of ID: one with a photo and one with your address (usually a utility bill, bank statement within the last 3 months). We require ID because you are able to view confidential information and this is to ensure you are the patient requesting access.

You will be given a registration sheet by reception including a pin, the practice ID and your NHS number. You will need this to register for online access. There is a walkthrough guide available here. You will be able to use the service immediately to book appointments and order prescriptions. Please note: prescriptions ordered online with Patient Access can take up to 48 hours to be processed and reach the pharmacy of your choice.


Advanced Online Access

It is now possible to have an advanced level of access that allows you all the above features, but also allows you to have online access to your medical record. We currently offer the ability to view the items seen in the list to the right hand side.

There are some benefits of having access to your medical records online, but also some risks for you to consider. Before we can grant you access to this service, we will need to complete the Advanced Access consent form found below and bring it, along with ID as for the basic service (unless previously registered for this) to the practice. A GP will need to review your application before granting access and this can take up to 20 working days.

  • previous medical history
  • medications
  • immunisations
  • allergies
  • lab
  • results

Online Access for Children

Parents may find it helpful to have an online account for their children to arrange appointments and order prescriptions. An adult with parental responsibilty can apply for an account on their child’s behalf until the age of 11. At 11, online access will be automatically turned off. This is to avoid compromising a young person’s right to confidentiality surrounding their health care as they reach an age when they may wish to see a doctor without a parent present. A child over the age 11 may wish to apply for their own account and should discuss this with their GP. Access to the medical records will not be granted for any patient under 16.

Any patient (or their representative) who does not have an online account or is having problems with Patient Access can order prescriptions via