Who is the clinic for?

Anyone who requires help with giving up smoking and is registered with the surgery.

What is the purpose of the clinic?

The clinic offers one to one’ advice sessions and support programme to help you give up smoking, which includes nicotine replacement therapy.

What are the clinic opening times?

By appointment with the Practice Nurse.

How do I contact the clinic?

You can make an appointment to see the Practice Nurse for Smoking Cessation advice via the surgery reception.

Self Help

When you are thinking about stopping, talk to an expert about what’s involved – e.g. helplines, NHS specialist centres, pharmacists or your GP. Find out whether one of the proven pharmaceutical treatments like NRT or Zyban would be right for you – they can double your chance of success, and are both available on NHS prescription. Get your friends and family involved as they can give you moral support. Then pick a day – like No Smoking Day – and stick to it.

Useful Links - NHS: Go Smoke Free

NHS Smoking Helpline - 0800 1690169

Quitline - 0800 002200