Ear Irrigation Clinic

Many ailments can be safely self-managed and we are keen to encourage patients to do so, where appropriate. This applies to earwax build-up and the following link provides some information on how best to manage it.

If you have been treating a blocked ear with oil (as advised in the above information page) for at least 14 days and your symptoms have not been improving, our nurse can perform ear irrigation to remove the earwax.

Please contact Reception for information on the next available clinic. At busy times, we occasionally have to reduce the number of ear irrigation appointments that we offer and are grateful for your understanding and patience if you are asked to wait some time for an appointment.

If you would prefer a sooner appointment, you can get this process done privately by contacting the following clinics:

• Manor Hospital, Beech Road, Headington, Oxford: 01865 989453

• Tripp Hearing, Sandford Gate, Clarendon Business Centre, Oxford: 01865 910202

• The Oxford Hearing Centre. Eynsham Road, Oxford: 01865 861861